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Monday, October 11, 2010

Vacation Blessing!

Michael had accrued some vacation time and we have been in desperate need of just 'getting away' together as a family for a while.  However, financially, we were in no position to be able to spend money to do that.  But God is good!  I have a friend, Mrs. V.,  I got to know through the station that has mentioned many times over the years that we should come out to their ranch and spend a few days just 'hunkering down,' as she likes to put it.  The V. Family ended up having lots to do that weekend, but still let us come out and be a giant nuisance anyway... they were sooooo sweet!

We stayed in the guest house on their 1,000 acre ranch!  Mrs. V. cooked for us many delicious meals and treats, and she made me a cup (or two) of amazing coffee each morning, which we enjoyed out on the back patio overlooking the fields.  They allowed us to roam about their property, driving  the mule (vehicle thingee) all over the place, and their home (home theater, game room, etc).  It was exactly what we needed!  Just to be away from every day life, chillin', being with each other, playing, having fun, getting outside in the beautiful weather.  The boys had a great time... Preston and Michael went swimming twice in the extremely cold pool, and we got to use the hot tub (Callen got in too - we kept the temperature just warm for him).  Michael and Preston attempted to fish.  We got to watch a couple of the Rangers play off games and just lounge around.  It was just awesome! Such a huge, refreshing blessing for us!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. V., for letting us come out and be in your way all weekend!  I'm sorry for the extra stress we put on you guys, but it was absolutely wonderful for us!  Haha!  Thank you for sharing your home with us and feeding us and giving us a chance to 'hunker down' for a while.  Also, please pass along our thank you to your daughter and son-in-law for letting us get in their way too!

And a giant thank you to Jesus, for putting awesome, generous people in our lives... helping us to connect with people in the good times and the bad!

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