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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I still love Amazon!

If you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Mom, you get 15% off your baby purchases and free shipping... and with things like diapers/wipes/groceries/etc, you can also sign up for the Subscribe & Save Option to save an addition 15% on the item. Amazon Mom is actually not ONLY for moms, believe it or not... anyone who buys baby/kid products can sign up and take advantage of the discount!  It's a 30% discount, ya'll!

So, these Huggies Natural Care Scented Baby Wipes end up being $10.15 total for 3 packs of 215 wipes (that's 645 wipes at less than 2cents each, a fantastic deal!).   And if you have a baby, you KNOW how many wipes you go through... it's nice to be well stocked at all times!  I ordered mine and they should be arriving at my door in just a few days.  Sweet!  I'll be researching to find the best diaper deal next!

If you click on the link above for the wipes, you'll see the info on signing up for Amazon Mom and the Subscribe & Save options under the product details.  And, I just signed up to be an Amazon Associate through my blog, so I'll get a small incentive as well (but only if you purchase through my links).  Thanks!


Candi said...

I adore the fact that I can get a box of 156 size 5 pampers baby dry for only $23 and it arrives at my door in usually only a couple days!!! The free shipping doesn't just apply to baby stuff when you are a moms club member... it applies to ALL your purchases!

Joanne said...

I just bought an 80 count pack of pull ups for something crazy like $17.00 (they were on sale, 30% off plus they had a coupon you could "clip"). Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Amazon's servers were hosting the WikiLeaks site for a bit. So, there's another boycott on.

Jade =) said...

Of course there is. =(