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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 Tweets To Remember...

Nov 1st, 9:16am - Trying the new Sugar & Spice from @Coffee_Mate, yum! Happy November! http://twitpic.com/32yhld 

Nov 1st, 11:04am - Most of school done, now getting ready to head out for some errands which include taking a bag full of wet/stinky diapers across town.

Nov 1st, 2:20pm - I scored the last Snoopy/Great Pumpkin stand-up yard decoration at Target! :::does Snoopy dance:::

Nov 1st, 6:31pm - Lets go #Rangers! No matter what happens, you're winners... but it's be nice to actually win too!

Nov 4th, 9:25pm - Enjoyed a leisurely stroll through Garden Ridge w/my fam, looking at Christmas decor... just 'cause.

Nov 5th, 1:00pm - Shopping for a baby-sized hoody for Cal... um, hello, hoodies, where you at?

Nov 6th, 12:48pm - Everytime I tell Callen "no, no!" he coughs at me like "...but, Mama, I'm sick"... already knows how to work it!

Nov 7th, 3:15pm - Ok, Callen finally crawls more than drags himself now, so I guess he's officially a crawler! Which means constant TROUBLE!

Nov 7th, 9:10pm - Preston said, "Don't make me wear pants... I'll look awkward." Um... and without pants you look ... ???

Nov 8th, 3:12pm - Fall is great cuz we can play outside in the daytime w/out melting! Yay! http://twitpic.com/354xps

Nov 9th, 11:35am - Oh goodness, I detect the teeny-tiny white spots of 2 bottom teeth. No wonder, Callen, no wonder!

Nov 10th, 8:38am - Driving into work. Wow. #6monthsIsALongTime

Nov 10th, 12:22pm - For the record, those last 2 breaks on @powerfm were computer probs, not me being rusty at this. I swear!

Nov 11th, 10:52pm - is thankful, hopeful, and prayerful. Along with a million other things. In other words, I dunno.

Nov 12th, 5:58pm - Dear "You Know Who You Are Even Though We Don't," thank you. 

Nov 14th, 12:40pm - A few minutes ago, Preston came in from the backyard... and so did a sweet, black kitten. Um....that's... not... allowed! #AllergicToCats

Nov 14th, 5:13pm - Dear Subway, veggies on the side doesn't mean thrown in a paper wrapper! http://twitpic.com/36xr3z

Nov 14th, 8:44pm - Friday's fruit of the Spirit lesson was on Patience. Lord, help me. A sick, teething C, & P is out of control hyper. Patience all gone.

Nov 16th, 10:24am - Presented Preston w/a puzzle of the Mayflower, he was done with it before I even explained how to do it. Geez, kid... Algebra is next!

Nov 17th, 9:20pm - Enjoyed chicken enchiladas for dinner & pumpkin pie for dessert along with fun & informative conversation with friends over both! 

Nov 19th, 12:01am - My husband treated us to a lovely fire and yummy hot cocoa earlier. He CAN be a sweet guy sometimes afterall. ; )

Nov 19th, 11:09am - Native American study. Haha! http://twitpic.com/388hyb

Nov 19th, 5:24pm - Almost stepped on a little white mouse earlier, it was scurrying along on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor's house!?!? EEEK

Nov 19th, 9:31pm - "Who could ever love a girl named Beezus?" ... "Jesus?" Hahaha!!!

Nov 20th, 10:16am - RT @mclarko: Twitter: Never before have so many people with so little to say, said in 140 characters or less, so much, to so few.

Nov 20th, 9"08pm - God is doing amazing things. I mean, He always is, but I can actually SEE them right now & am so excited!

Nov 22nd, 12:45pm - Preston w/the Native American storyteller we saw at the library. http://twitpic.com/3985zi

Nov 22nd, 1:20pm - Watched them tear down the old GP jail for a while. http://twitpic.com/398fd7

Nov 22nd, 8:56pm - Callen is officially cruising, baby gate is up blocking off the hallway & Michael installed a cardboard barrier on the electronics. #Trouble

Nov 23rd, 7:30pm - We have a @DrPepper addiction (there's another 12pk in the fridge!) http://twitpic.com/39lwjq

Nov 24th, 9:25am - Preston just had a hilarious conversation with the gingerbread man on his PopTart. Wow.

Nov 24th, 7:06pm - Its not cold, but enjoying sitting outside at Uptown Village w/bellies full of Dogpound & Wetzel's Pretzels. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Nov 25th, 9:26am - Watching the parades with my boys. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Nov 25th, 10:57am - I should be up getting some stuff prepared, but this sleeping baby is so darn snuggly... I can't bear to put him down. Dang baby magic!

Nov 25th, 10:06pm - RT @wfaaweather: overnight - mostly clear skies and cold. low 29. tomorrow - sunny skies and chilly. high 51. // Beautiful!!!

Nov 25th, 10:26pm - Callen's first Thanksgiving: I gave him a tiny bite of mashed potatoes, he gagged & threw up the baby food he ate just before that. #Oops

Nov 26th, 4:02pm - Out for a walk & a little exploration. http://twitpic.com/3agg5g   

Nov 28th, 10:28am - Callen sleeps peacefully in spurts throughout the day (like right NOW!), but lately hardly any at nite. What's the deal?!?!

Nov 28th, 11:51am - Got the baby room at church to ourselves today. http://twitpic.com/3b3hr3

Nov 28th, 11:49pm - Spent the entire nite getting Advent/Christmas studies ready for the next few weeks, sometimes I get TOO inspired! But should be fun! 

Nov 29th, 10:08pm - I'm ready for Christmas decor around here, but not till after Preston's birthday party on Saturday!

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