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Monday, November 8, 2010

Prestonism on Another Good Use for Santa...

I placed a new pacifier in a pot of boiling water and Preston FREAKED!

Preston: MOM! How could you?  You'll burn it!

Me: No I won't, I'm going to sanitize it.

Preston: :::cocked head to the side with quizzical look on his face::: You're gonna make it look like Santa?


Rebecca said...

LOL this reminds me of a story... My brother-in-law was boiling Hebrew National hot dogs for the kids, and six-year-old Madelynn read the package and asked, "What's Hebrew?" He said "It's the language Jews speak." "What are Jews?" "The ones who killed Jesus" he answered per his typical dry humor, but also because the kids are learning about all that in Sunday school recently. Madelynn looked confused for a moment and said, "They killed Jesus with hot dogs?" :)

Jill said...

I love Preston. :)

Michael said...

That's hilarious!