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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BIG Bible Town Review...

I was sent a link and some information on BIG Bible Town recently, and so I decided to let Preston (5 years old) give it a whirl.  He loves watching Michael play Farmville/Frontiersville/etc., so I thought he would jump at the chance to have his own online world to play.  And since it was Biblically-based, that made it even more ideal.  

The game allows kids to walk through Bible stories, interact with the Bible characters and read/hear Scripture along the way.  The website says, "BIG Bible Town is the first and only online game that immerses K-6 children in scripture-based Bible adventures with gameplay that teaches Christian values and encourages kids to put their faith into practice. Our goal is to help build Christian character by keeping kids connected to God’s Word and instilling Bible knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime and beyond."  And they recently added the Christmas story, as well!

Our first run, didn't go so well... we, of course, by-passed the directions and ended having NO idea what we were supposed to do.  So, then, after going back and reading instructions, we got back on track... and I was able to let Preston loose on the game.  Originally he had a difficult time figuring out how to make his guy go exactly where it needed to in order to collect the coins/gifts, but he caught on soon enough.  There are times when the challenges are too tough for him, but for the most part he can do this came himself.  We had a great time in the Christmas section, going to find people to tell the good news of Jesus' birth!  Preston also likes that he can add things to his home and surrounding areas like landscaping and whatnot (that makes him feel like he's playing Daddy's game, Frontierville).  It's exciting to see your kid get excited about Bible stories!

The people at BIG Bible Town are trying to get ONE MILLION kids playing this game by Christmas, so that all will have a chance to hear the good news of Jesus' birth and what Christmas is truly about.  They are offering the game for free right now to help make this push.  You sign up and get started by clicking here.

I would not pay for Preston to be able to play this game, as I don't think he's able to play it and get the most out of it (he's only 5), but I'm really glad he's enjoying this free version right now.  It makes me feel good knowing he's having fun AND learning things from the Bible at the same time.  It's definitely worth checking out if you have an elementary-aged child. 

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