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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Study Wrap Up...

We got really busy the last few weeks before Christmas, and Preston had to take a few sick days thanks to Strep Throat, but we still got in some fun Christmas lessons.  

Jesse Tree and Stable
We discussed Advent, created a Jesse Tree and did a daily reading that went along with that (which we found here).  Preston thought it was neat to put on the ornament each day, but the reading was a bit over his head.We put a stable up on the wall, and each week as we got closer to Christmas we added a manger, then Joseph, then Mary and finally Baby Jesus.  Preston wanted to do it in his Bible Notebook too...

He drew Joseph, Mary & Jesus, heehee.

We did a 16-day Christmas Symbols Lapbook, discussing many traditions and sights we find around this time of year.  I thought I came up with this idea pretty much on my own, however just as I was finishing up hunting down all the images and details to use (which took me over an hour), my RSS feed popped up a blog post offering a ready-made, adorably designed Christmas Symbol Lapbook.  Sigh.  Oh well, we mostly used the things I found, but borrowed a bit from the ready-made one as well.  It came out really good, and Preston enjoyed making it.

We also did a bunch of other fun Christmas and Winter activities, including a Nativity Story Timeline,  learning Christmas songs, making snowmen, and angels with hand wings (wings made from Preston and Callen's hands - what a sweet keepsake!)...

There were so many great Christmas ideas out there, I had a hard time narrowing it down.  But, I have to pace myself... we get to do more next year!  Haha!  We are taking this week off (between Christmas and New Years) since Michael is on vacation.  I've gotta get to planning next "semester!"  Woo hoo!

Oh, and I found out a few days ago that the homeschool group I joined in August was suddenly shut down.  I'm pretty sad about it, because I was looking forward to getting to know this group of families here in my town... getting to take part in the co-op classes and having the advice and knowledge of all of the experienced homeschoolers around for support.  It's pretty disappointing knowing that the action of just a few people can bring down a nice group like the one I was part of, ruining it for everyone.  I briefly looked at some other area homeschool groups, and I may try to find out more about a few of them to see if I want to join.  I dunno though.  I'm totally bummed about this.  =(

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Jill said...

Great pictures of your awesome Advent and Christmas projects! I'm impressed. :) And I'll be praying that you find a good homeschool group -- one that won't be shut down anytime soon!