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Thursday, December 2, 2010

LifeDiscipler Review

So many times we hear a great message on Sunday morning, but by the time Monday rolls around we don't think about it anymore.  Or we have our daily Bible reading, but the phone rings and we get distracted away from God again.  The LifeDiscipler, an electronic Bible verse reminder, was designed so that Christians would be able to receive a word from God throughout the day and keep a continual focus on Him.  It's an electronic device you carry with you, that can be programmed to alert you every 15, 30 or 60 minutes with a Scripture verse.  It is loaded with over 1500 verses among 44 different life subjects (ranging from Accountability to Waiting On The Lord to Grief to Encouraging Others and everywhere in between).  You pick the subject (or select All/Direct Me and let God decide what to speak to you about) and the timing, keep it with you and then throughout your day, the device will give you a message to think about or encourage you. It's a little message from God!

The LifeDiscipler was designed to be cost effective (made and sold as cheaply as possible) and easy to use, even for those that aren't tech-savvy.  The device retails at $29.99, and has optional colored covers that cost an additional $3.99.  Right now they are offering my readers a 20% discount, if you buy the product online at www.lifediscipler.com and use the code GROW20, expires December 30th, 2010.  The LifeDiscipler will also be available at Family Christian Stores across the country.  It would make a nice gift for someone you know that needs a constantly reminder that God is with them.

This product is a great idea.  I know that I could use a word from the Lord throughout a stressful day!  I am not, however, impressed with the actual device.  Personally, I have a difficult enough time keeping up with my cell phone throughout the day, I do not want the extra burden of carrying around another device, even if it is relatively small (approx. size, 2”x3.25”x.5”).  I also found it difficult to read, no matter what kind of lighting I was in.  The reading area is so small you have to scroll a lot, which I find inconvenient.  I feel like this idea would be better suited as an app available for a SmartPhone or even a text message service.  I see on their website that it says there is an iPhone App coming in Spring 2011, so apparently I'm not the only one!  Basically I love the idea of having Scripture in my life on continual basis, I do not like the idea of having another piece of equipment to carry around.

I was provided with a free LifeDiscipler for review, however the opinions expressed here are my own.

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