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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak Review & Giveaway (Closed)

Congratulations to Liz! Thanks to everyone for entering!


Left Behind Games sent me a copy of their Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak PC CD-ROM game.  This package combines three different sets of games, each designed specially for children at different stages.We did not sample the Preschool level, however it states on the box that it is for ages 2-4 and offers games based on shapes, colors, numbers, letters and more. 

We started with the Kindergarten game for my son (age 5), who is currently being homeschooled at a Kindergarten level.  These games, for ages 4-6, offer lessons on counting, sequencing, sorting, measurements and more through Bible stories Each game allows the player to get involved in the story.  For example, in the story of the Widow who's sons are being sold because she cannot pay her debt, the player must help her find empty bottles in which to pour her oil.  The player is given instructions to find the bottles which are hidden behind other objects, honing directional skills (left, right, above, below).  This particular set of games (even on the second level - which is slightly more difficult) was not very challenging for Preston, however he enjoyed playing them.

We moved on and spent more time on the Early Elementary Level, slated for ages 6-8.  Games in this area focus on adding, subtracting, spelling, telling time and more.  Many of these games WERE challenging for Preston!  He can add and subtract a little, but the David & Goliath game required him to be able to do the math and think quickly enough to hit a moving target and the "Pearl of Great Price" game had him using coins to pay for items, requiring him to be able to add up to 99cents.  Most of the games had him using skills he has, he just needs to work on doing them faster to rack up more points!  With three difficulty levels, I imagine it will be a while before he gets bored of this one!

What Preston liked about this game set is that there are many different types of games and stories that he can navigate between, which will help keep him from burning out on it quickly.  I really expected this game to be cheesy and overly simplified, but I was pleasantly surprised at the great animation and the funny little things included to keep it fun for kids (and parents!  The random accents from some of the characters had me cracking up!). And one of my favorite parts included David getting a call on his cell phone to take food out to his brothers... and what does he take them?  Pizza, of course!   It also really does do a great job of helping kids learn, not only math and spelling, but Bible stories as well!  It brings the scriptures to life, and gets the kids involved! The different levels of Charlie Church Mouse games can be purchased separately, or as the Super Pak here.

I am giving away a copy of Charlie Church Mouse Super Pak right here on my blog!  To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite game was as a kid.  Please also include your email address so I can contact you if you win!  Comments will be accepted through Friday, January 14th, at 9pm (central).  Prize will be mailed, unless I see you on a regular basis... then you'll get it in person!

I was provided with two games, one for my own use for review purposes and one to give away.  The review stated above is my own, honest opinion.


Take The Cake Decorating said...

My favorite game as a kid was Monopoly. :)

Take The Cake Decorating said...

Sorry forgot my email xlizzlovex@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

my favorite game was memory then as I got older it was monopoly!


Candi said...

WOOT. I loved monopoly also. I also really loved Sorry! and a danish memory game called Husker Du.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Monopoly! Lily

Anonymous said...

Oops. Email address lilydom76@msn.com