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Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Month Update!

I almost missed it! Callen is 10 months old today! Wow, time is flying by... just a few more months and he'll be :::gasp::: ONE YEAR OLD! That's stinkin' ridiculous!

This past month:
- he's mastered the point (with his adorable, crooked, little finger).
- he forgot, then remembered how to wave (kind of).
- he can definitely clap on cue. Even if he hears applause on TV, he'll join in!
- is clearly saying "Da da," "Ma ma," "Buh buh" and the latest: "ball," which we think pretty much refers to any toy, not necessarily just an actual ball, and sounds more like "baww."
- he popped out a big 'ole top tooth, and the other is nearing the surface.
- he experienced his first Christmas, New Years and snow.
- he currently has his first cold. Boooo! Not fun, poor snotty fella!

Here's a video of Callen and Preston being silly on the living room floor. Callen LOVES his Boppy, he cuddles with it every chance he gets. He will also sometimes get mad if Preston is on it!

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Jill said...

Wow! A full-length feature of the Boppy Brothers! ;) Love it! Hope they are feeling better.