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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Homeschool Recap, Week 20

- A couple of pages having to do with Nursery Rhymes and finding hidden pictures in his Learning Every Day workbook.  Most of these activities are too easy for Preston, but I like to use them to help him understand how important it is to follow directions.  He may know the answer, but I want to make sure he underlines it if it says underline instead of just circling it.  I also used these pages to see how well he had the nursery rhymes memorized. 
- Continued work on addition problems for our math lessons.
- Studied North America (where I learned that Greenland is physically part of our continent - never really donned on me before!  Haha!).  I had Preston read to me from the North America book on our way to my Mom's house, and was impressed with the way he was able to figure out words and their meanings ("culture" for example), and how he doesn't bat an eye at words like "Mississippi."  His reading skills are definitely continuing to impress me!
- We started a Weather Chart for this week because I knew it was gonna be all over the place!  Thought it would be fun to see it on a chart. He wrote in the temperature (at 10am), wrote descriptive words (cloudy, windy, cold, etc) and drew a picture of what it looked like out our front window (the sky, tree and ground).  He worked on this every day this week.
Drawing a tree on the chart

- same type stuff as Monday
Ha! Look at that tongue!
USA puzzle
Finished it all by himself!

- We did several lessons on Groundhog Day!  It actually started on Tuesday nite, by watching the movie Groundhog Day!  Haha. 
- We did a fun groundhog craft - creating the little guy, and having him pop up out of a cup
Hello, Phil!

- We spent some time in the dark bathroom using a flashlight to talk about shadows, why they occur and how they change.
- He colored a cute worksheet of a groundhog with a poem.  And did a maze (which was much too difficult for him, turns out!).
Coloring a groundhog

- We also read the book Groundhog Stays Up Late and looked at the calendar to see how many weeks till the official start of Winter.

- More from the Reader Rabbit workbook, "words on signs"... he colored a lot with these activities.
- Finished up our study of Continents by reading The Seven Continents.
- Since we can't get outside to play, we've been playing Just Dance Kids a lot for some exercise!

- Discussed this week's devotionals and had Preston draw a picture for the theme we talked about.
- Finished up the weather chart for this week.  It was COLD!!!
Most kids in our area were out of school on 'snow days' Tuesday through Friday of this week.  Poor Preston had to do school anyway.  Aww, the drawback of homeschool I guess.  Lol!

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Jill said...

Love it! Missed seeing you guys this weekend.

Sounds like you're doing an excellent job, Mrs. Homeschooling Mom! :)