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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4

The weather has been downright CRAZY!  Last nite it snowed like mad, and kept on most of the day!  It started coming down and was beautifully white around midnight.  When I was up at 6am, I took a few pictures because I was afraid it'll somehow melt away before I got up with Preston later.
I love the little Sno Cones on the posts.
Michael was the first to disturb the snow
I got the boys out around 9:30 so they could play in the fresh white powder!  Callen wasn't really sure WHAT was going on, but he liked it after a while.  Preston played for a bit, then decided he was too cold and would rather watch cartoons.  He eventually went back out to play in the afternoon.
A little video of my boys in the snow...

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