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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making It All Worth It...

This evening, Preston played on Lego.com for a little while.  He wanted to print a picture so I let him, then he ran off to the kitchen table with the paper.  He then asked me how to spell a a couple words and next thing I know, he comes up to me with the paper folded into a card...
The front of the card (a schoolbus)
The inside of the card.
It says: I don't need one of thoose I love you and homeschool  (after I made him a card, he added the second part: I like your card).

I almost cried when he gave me that and I read it.  What a sweet boy!  Maybe I am getting through to him!  Maybe this IS the right thing to do.  I asked him, "Do you REALLY love homeschool?  Even when you fight with me about it?"  He said, "Yes, I love it!  Sometimes I don't like the hard parts."  

Besides the sweetness, he wrote it all himself... I only helped him spell "those" (which he added an extra 'o' to anyway, haha) and 'school.'  He even knew to put the apostrophe in "don't"... I have to say I'm completely impressed!

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Regina Nicole said...

I almost cried. =)

Ps. We'll be visiting TX this summer. Maybe you and I can have a girlie day?