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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prestonism on Style, Owing Money & Building Sentences...

I was playing with Preston and when we were done wrestling, I noticed my hair was allll crazy.

Me: Oh hey, do you like my hair, Preston?
Preston: Yeah!  It's like Rock Music Hair!!!!


Preston was playing with a toy dinosaur when he suddenly yelled...
"LOOK OUT FOR CREDITORS!!!!" (he meant predators, but... that too!)


I was making lunch, and Preston was drawing and writing at the table, he suddenly smacked his head...

Preston: "THE PYRAMID!"
Me: Huh?  The Pyramids?  Like, in Egypt?
Preston: No, like goes at the end of my sentence!  Pyramid.
Me: Oh, the period, not pyramid.  You know what a pyramid is?
Preston: No, but it doesn't go here in my sentence apparently.

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