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Friday, February 18, 2011

Maybe I DON'T want him to learn to walk...

Callen isn't walking yet.  He's not even standing on his own.  And at this point, that's ok with me.  'Cause he gets into enough trouble already!  He is a super speedy crawler and he can be in Preston's toy box before you can say "Look at him go!"  He can race from one side of the kitchen table to the next instantly, while you're trying to get him... which means it's IMPOSSIBLE to catch him.  He's actually rather amazing!  Here are a few pictures of him being "trouble"...
Getting into Preston's school stuff.
His safe haven, under the table.
Callen gets into the trash can and recycling bin alllll the time.  He kept going after the Dr Pepper box the other nite.  The boys were in the kitchen, and I came back in from the bathroom and found this craziness...
Preston put Callen's sippy cup into the box so that he could drink it.  It was hilarious to see the baby cruising along in his walker with that big box, stopping to take a drink through it.  Creative, aren't they?

He has tons of toys (mostly Preston's hand-me-downs... he constantly comes in with a toy and goes "Here, Callen can have this"... so they've made their way into Callen's room)... but anyway, the only thing that would get him to settle down the other day was his (for lack of a better word, I call it a...) "booger sucker."  It's a good thing I clean that out between... boogers.
He was inseparable from this thing all day!
Today was warm, so I tried some little shorts on him, and he looked soooo adorable:

Right back into being trouble!
Brother had to get in on the action.

Can't believe that booger is about to be ONE!  I can only imagine how much more trouble lies ahead...


Joanne said...

oh dear... is this what I have to look forward to????

Jill said...

The drink box Preston rigged up for him is a hoot!

Callen will be walking before you know it! ;)