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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life...

Peanut Butter & Jelly or Mac'n'cheese.  Those are the two most likely things to come out of Preston's mouth when I ask the rhetorical question of "What shall we have for lunch today?"  Well, it's my fault for asking, I know.  Anyway, today, I relented and made Mac'n'cheese.  Oh my goodness, I'm so tired of Mac'n'cheese!  But then a lightbulb went off!  Do something different with it.  Not drastic enough to freak out the kid, but something to give it a little more "umph."

And so, let me introduce you to my new best 'tasty' friend:
Steak 'n Shake Fry & Steakburger Seasoning
Yep, it's amazing.  We were at Steak 'n Shake a few weeks ago and noticed it on the table, tried it on our fries and fell in love.  When Michael was paying our check, he noticed you could buy the seasoning to take home.  Yipeee!  We've had it on hamburgers and various things, and now... Mac'n'cheese!  It definitely gives the mundane taste a little kick.  And, to top it off... I poured some Fritos into the mix...giving the meal a crunch!  Now, I know neither of those ingredients are really any kind of big deal... but it helped me enjoy my lunch more and well, Preston... he was practically in heaven!

The kid mmm'd and yumm'd the entire way through his bowl of Mac'n'cheese, and then commenced giggling uncontrollably.  He exclaimed, "I am so happy, I'm crying!!!"  So, yeah, note to self:  Never underestimate the power of variety!


mypalsara said...

Hehe...that's the response I want from Marco after I cook! ;)

Joanne said...

Today Elise asked for mac and cheese for a snack. She's never had the stuff and I have no idea how she's even heard of it!

Usually she asks for a hot dog.

I might have to try that spice... it looks yummy!