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Thursday, February 10, 2011

11 Months? No.Way.

Callen is 11-months-old today.  That means, ONE month from now, he will be a One-Year-Old.  Unbelievable.  It's funny how a stretch of time can seem short and long at the same time.  Because it seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby, and yet it seems like he's been part of this family forever!  I certainly don't know what we'd do without "little brother," that's for sure.  He's a constant source of entertainment.  And even though, we're currently going through a rough sleeping period (or, should I say lack-of-sleep period), I wouldn't trade this booger for the world.  His smile, his babbling, his snuggles... definitely make it worth it!

Breakfast - Cheerios for a cheery baby!
Brotherly love!
Playing at church
Checking out the snow!
Callen can stand by himself for a second or two (or until he realizes he's not holding on!).  He is definitely cruising around with no problem at all.  He is in to EVERYTHING!  Can't leave him alone for a second before he's pulled the DVDs off the shelf, found a plug to eat, or discovered some crumbs under brother's chair in the kitchen.  His babbling is getting more coherent.  Besides the usual "mama," "dada," "bubba," and "nononono," he just recently starting saying "light" and attempting to make the "f" sound at times.  When you ask "Where's Ronald Reagan?" he will point to the picture we have on our living room wall.  He'll do the same with the Boy Scout... or his Boppy, or the ceiling fan.  Though, if you ask "where's Mama?," he will look everywhere BUT at Mama. :::shrug:::  He claps and waves.  He is still nursing a lot, he drinks water from a sippy cup, eats crackers (Ritz, Saltine, Graham... he doesn't care), Cheerios, baby yogurt, baby fruits & veggies and rice cereal... and the occasional table food we decide to try out.  I'm glad he finally got over the stuffiness that plagued him a few weeks ago, and eternally grateful he didn't get the stomach bug the rest of us had after that!  Now, if we could just get him to fall asleep in an orderly manner, we'd be all set!

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Jill said...

Yes way. And that's how time flies!

He's such a cute guy. Glad he's related to me. ;)