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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Can't Have a Dentist as a Friend...

Several days after his last round of dental work, which included an extraction and a filling, Preston randomly told me, "I love Dr. Blake [the dentist] and I'm gonna invite him to my house someday!"  This kid did so well, it was unbelievable... especially since Michael and I were up all nite trying to stop his bleeding.  He never once said it bothered him or it hurt or anything like that.  He acted like it was absolutely no big deal to have a crazy, cracked, rotten tooth yanked from your skull.  So, with that under our belt, I figured today's appointment to get a filling and a crown on the other side of his mouth would be no big deal at all.  I was wrong.

When Dr. Blake came out to talk to us when we first got there, he motioned for Preston to give him a high-five... but Preston went right in for the great big hug.  Well, fast forward 40 minutes and Dr. Blake comes out looking kinda worried.  He told me that it didn't go as smoothly as the last one, and he wasn't sure why.  He said Preston wasn't as comfortable, didn't cooperate quite as much.  He said Preston kept putting his hands up to kinda swat them away, and trying to tell them to leave him alone.  Uh oh.  At this point, I  thought he was trying to tell me they weren't able to finish everything and we'd have to come back or try something else (like knock him out!).  But he said they got the work done, and turns out they had to give Preston's two back, bottom teeth crowns 'cause the one was worse than they thought.  Then the nurse came out, carrying a red-eyed, frowny-faced Preston on her hip.  She was trying to get him to choose some "prizes" from their bucket and he didn't really want to.  She brought him to me and he wouldn't even look at Dr. Blake, who was trying to ask if he was ok, he just started crying.  =(  Dr. Blake was pretty bummed that Preston didn't like him so much anymore and that they weren't able to have as good of a visit as last time.  I'm not sure why this time didn't go as well, but at least we're done with that for a while.  Dr. Blake called a little while ago to check on Preston, and thankfully I could tell him that he was doing just fine (jumping up and down in front of the tv, watching How To Train Your Dragon), had eaten soup and had some juice.  When I got off the phone, I asked Preston if he still liked Dr. Blake and he said "yes" so I think they'll be ok.  His mouth is still a bit numb and the metal feels weird in his mouth, but I think he'll be fine (and there shouldn't be any bleeding like last time, whew!).   So, now, my boy has three "robot parts" in his mouth!  Geez!

You can tell Preston was distraught and totally not interested in what prizes he got, because these are the stickers he came home with...
Barbie, Hannah Montana and Wizards something-or-other.  What the heck?  Haha!

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Joanne said...

Poor little guy... he sounds a lot more brave than I would be!