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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 2011 Tweets to Remember...

1st, 8:59am - Thankful that my hubby had already called in for the day due to sickness, we can recover & stay warm safe at home.

3rd, 11:35am - is laughing at everyone's 'cabin fever'ish posts. I'm a SAHM w/out a car, so this is nothing new to me! Just a little colder than usual.

4th, 12:11am - Endured 2.5 hrs of screaming baby. I dunno why, he just didn't want to sleep, play or be quiet. Finally passed out. My turn!

4th, 12:12am - P.S. It's lovely outside right now (at Midnight). So bright and so white!

4th, 10:02am - Snow baby! http://twitpic.com/3wfnn1

4th, 4:11pm - t's been a day! Played in the snow, made a PumpkinPieInsideAChocolateCake, let my baby fall off the couch. One of those things was NOT fun!

4th, 8:55pm - I just heard Preston say (presumably to his brother): "These are not the cookies you are looking for." Um... nerd-dom runs in his blood.

5th, 8:21pm - Got some good outside time today, walking around the Highlands w/my boys, then later walking w/ @mclarko. Beautiful day!

6th, 7:13pm - Oh man. Noooo! Axl Rose is turning over in his grave. Wait... (Fergie singing "Sweet Child" w/Slash at Superbowl Half Time Show)

7th, 3:43pm - I just LOVE hearing my child screaming "YOU ARE THE WORST MOMMY EVER!" over and over, when all I did was ask him to take a nap. Sigh.

8th, 5:01pm - Poor Preston is excited to go back to the fun dentist, but he doesn't realize what he's in for (1 extraction, 1 crown & 2 fillings, yikes!)

9th, 12:54pm - Productive day thus far: Beef stew in the crock pot, mint fudge setting, school done, kids snuggled, & if only I had energy left to clean...

10th, 11:53am - Ack! My baby is 11months old today... this cannot be happening! 

11th, 10:46am - Had a successful nite trying the new sleep sched. After crying for an hour, Callen slept from 10pm-4am, then 445am-10AM! Wow!

13th, 1:30pm - Picnic weather! http://twitpic.com/3zgb7n  

14th, 7:44am - Guess the Groundhog was right, happy early Spring, high of 72 today! That gives you something to love right there, huh? Happy Valentine's!

15th, 12:39pm - Preston just organized a "snuggle fight" between Callen's stuffed animals. #CutestIdeaEver

15th, 11:58pm - 10 yrs ago did you ever think phrases like 'hide yo wife,' 'double rainbow' & 'heavy burtation' would be so ubiquitous? Thx @YouTube!

16th, 3:33pm - Just had a hilarious argument with a friend about cloth napkins. I mean, really? I love my friends. 

16th, 5:21pm - I've got BATS in my oven! #fb http://twitpic.com/40jvor

18th, 12:52pm - Aldi has the best Old People!

20th, 3:29pm - No. Don't. Hey. Stop. Quit. Come here. Now.

21st, 3:21pm - I let him out of my site for 2 seconds! http://twitpic.com/42bpkr 

22nd, 6:34pm - All is quiet in my house right now, I'm kinda freakin' out... what do I DOOOO?

24th, 4:05pm - Yay for going to @Target today, instead of next week. The Hungry Caterpillar bday supplies were on clearance, we totally scored!

27th, 1:53pm - has an amazing husband who works 2 jobs through chronic migraines & other health probs. I love you & appreciate what you do, @mclarko!

27th, 9:07pm - Holy crap... @ZacharyLevi singing!!!!!! You're killing me! :::pitterpatpitterpat:::

28th, 12:54pm - My 5-year-old is singing "An onomatopoeia is a zip bang boom!" Oh @yofishboy, thanks for helping me teach him amazing life lessons.    

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