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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #10: Favorite Room

Your Favorite Room in Your House

I LOVE this rug!
The toy corner is a bit of a mess.
Changing table & rocking chair.
My favorite room is currently Callen's room.  It's so bright and cheerful, and the boys love going in there and playing in the floor, dragging out everything they can find!  It's the smallest room in the house, and it used to be our office before Callen was born.  Michael pulled out the carpet and replaced it with wood laminate, and that pretty much made it an entirely new and different room completely.  I barely even recognize old pictures of it!

United States Map
World Map
A cool thing about Callen's room is that we left the two large wall maps up to go along with his "travel" theme.  These two maps have an awesome story!  The National Geographic United States map came from my previous job at the call center.  It was up so we could pinpoint where our check cashing machines were because they located all over the country.  It survived the tornado and was put up in the new building for a while.  When we were all laid off and everything was getting moved out, I asked what would become of it and no one cared, so I brought it home with me!  Then, at the station, there was a National Geographic World map in the conference room.  At one point, they repainted and then decided not to put it back up.  I told the owner that if he ever wanted to get rid of it I would gladly take it off his hands, totally not expecting him to let me have it.  But he did!  He was just like "Go ahead and take it!"  So, my two jobs resulted in two matching National Geographic wall maps!  Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, and I also love Callen's room 'cause we have fun times like this:

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Candi said...

I love how you pulled that place together and it is so colorful and meaningful!