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Monday, March 28, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #9: Treasured Item

Your most treasured item.

What?  Seriously?  Ok, let me explain.

I have never been able to answer this question very well.  It comes in a variety of forms.  "Your most treasured possession?"  "If you're house was burning down, what item would you make it a point to save?"  Besides my family (which doesn't count as an item, obviously), I can never come up with anything.  The items around me are simply that... things.  Things can be replaced.  So, if my house was burning down... I'd get my family and myself out.  Maybe I'd try to grab my bag, ID, phone, etc... but I wouldn't call those my most prized possessions.  And I have some things that I would be sad to be without.  I treasure things like jewelry from my Grandma and Great Grandma who are no longer here.  I treasure sweet mementos from my babies' early days.  Y'know... things like that.  But still... my most treasured item?!?

Last nite I was asking Michael the same question to try to get some inspiration for this prompt.  He, like me, couldn't come up with anything serious.  "Your wedding ring?" he asked.  Well, ok, yeah... I'd be sad if it was gone, but it's a hunk of metal and rock - it's not my marriage, which is far more precious to me than a ring.  Thankfully, he wasn't offended by that! Ha! Anyway, he then quipped, "Well, right now, your treasured item is definitely the DVR!"  Lol.  I had to agree... I have been enjoying the snot out of that thing!  And I'm going to be sad to see it go in a week or so.  I don't think I'd stop to save it in case of a fire, though.

I like "things" just fine... but I can live without things.  And memories can be spurred without mementos. So, prized possessions... meh.  (And just to reiterate, the DVR thing is a joke!)

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