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Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #3: Favorite TV Show

Your Favorite Show

Currently my two favorite shows are Chuck and Parenthood.

We have loved Chuck since the beginning.  Heck, my husband and I saw the commercial for it before it was even on, and were like "Um, yes please!"  The nerd-isms are right up our alley!  It has yet to disappoint (well, ok, maybe a few story lines were silly/over the top, and maybe there have been a few things I would have changed, but mostly, it's still really, really good!).  And yeah, I've totally developed a celebrity crush on Zachary Levi.  I can't help it, he's adorable!

Parenthood might as well be a reality show in my opinion.  I think they have done such a great job of covering so many different personalities, family situations, attitudes, etc.  It's a quality show.  It's funny, it's true-to-life, it makes me cry nearly every time - but isn't 7th Heaven sappy!  It's a great cast too... I mean, you got Coach, you got Lorelai Gilmore... seriously, they're all great, and you can't help but love 'em!

Those are the only two shows I keep up with.  But of course, it always makes my night when we catch an episode of Wipeout!  Oh man, my gut hurts just from thinking about it.  "Good night, and Big Balls!"

With all that being said, we've had U-Verse for a week now.  I have already discovered a few shows I quite enjoy.  Including:
Man v. Food
Cupcake Wars
Cash Cab
Myth Busters
Re-runs of shows like The Wonder Years and Gilmore Girls.
I like having several channels that I can let Preston watch a) without having to worry about what he'll see or hear and b) that has shows he hasn't seen a million times already!
I am also quite enjoying the DVR that records in HD.

I know that to most people having cable is no big deal, have had it forever, already know the wonders of having a DVR.... but hey, it's new to me!  Haha.  And I haven't quite decided if I'll miss it when it's gone or not.  I haven't watched this much TV in a long time, that's for sure!


Kelly said...

We don't have cable either (or any kind of tv). It does seem like it would be quite the novelty!

Joanne said...

Just be careful... I've seen some not-for-little-ones commercials on Nick Jr. before. At 10 am in the morning. Not cool.

We've been enjoying our cable too... I think we went almost 10 years without!