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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Movie Night: Truth Be Told

During the month of March we had a free trial of cable, and I really liked it because there was always something on that I could watch with the boys.  Now that our free trial is up, we rarely turn the TV on unless it's morning and it's tuned to PBS.  There just isn't anything on TV in the evenings that is family-friendly enough to watch with a 5-year-old who soaks up everything he hears and sees!  Except maybe Wipe Out!  And, boy, do we love Wipe Out!  So, I was excited when I heard there was a new Family Night Movie coming on soon. We enjoyed watching Secrets of the Mountain together a while back, and I reviewed the last one, A Change of Plans.  I watched the trailer for Truth Be Told, but honestly I was a little disappointed.  It didn't look like it was really going to be a good one for the kids.  Two people lying about being married to get a job... I didn't think my rowdy 5-year-old would find it interesting enough to sit through.  I was given the opportunity to preview the film in exchange for a review again so I decided that my husband and I would watch it without the kids first. 
Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliott are the lead characters, Annie and Mark, who knew each other in college and meet up again at a fundraiser. They find themselves in a strange situation in which they have to pretend to be married to each other for the weekend to each gain something they really want...the perfect job and funding for a kid's sports program.  The "couple" spends the weekend trying to tell the truth and failing, but also find themselves falling for each other.  But will they lose out on what they want (and each other!) when they finally tell the truth?  You have to watch for yourself!  By the way, there's also a cameo performance by a finalist from Season 8 of American Idol.  Watch for that!

As I said, I was a bit skeptical about this one after just watching the trailer.  But I am glad to say that the trailer really doesn't do the movie justice!  It isn't completely predictable as you might assume a story-line like this to be.  And there are lots of laughs to be had throughout. Candace Cameron Bure is absolutely adorable as always!  We really enjoyed this movie, and I know that my 'rowdy 5-year-old' will enjoy it as well.  Truth Be Told airs on Saturday, April 16th on FOX at 8/7c.  

If you enjoy these type of Family Movies, visit the Family Movie Night website to show your support.  There's also a contest going on there to win a $100 Walmart gift card!

I am a BuzzBlogger and was given the opportunity to preview this Family Night Movie in exchange for my honest review, as stated above.


Candi said...

I wouldn't have thought of putting the two of them together in a movie, but they look cute!

Ava said...

I'll have to check out that website. Visiting from the blog hop~ new follower!

Jill said...

We watched it last night. A little "bubble-gummy" but we stayed with it. (And what's with that bit role that Jonathan Frakes had?)