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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Homeschool Recap, Week 28...

It was kind of a dull week, no special themes or holidays to focus on.  Just did general lessons and learning.  Kinda lacking in motivation this week, unfortunately.  Definitely looking forward to our Spring Break in two weeks!!!

- Daily devo and Godly Character Trait: Servant-hearted.
- Went over some musical terms like melody, harmony, rhythm and sang some familiar songs (and not so familiar as well) including Hokey Pokey, London Bridge, Farmer & The Dell, Kookaburra and more.
- Some pages of Learning Every Day workbook, having to do with order (first, second, third)
- Talked a little more about magnets and magnetism.  Let Preston try out different things a magnet would pick up.
- Did some addition in his math workbook.  A couple of times, he used some cheerios to help figure out the answer.

- Daily devo and Godly Character Trait: Thankful
- Reader Rabbit workbook, working on sentence formation.
- Addition workbook.
- Talked a little more about magnets, tried some more items to see if they were magnetic.
- Preston asked if we could come up with a care package for the troops as part of school.  He really has a heart for our soldiers.  Every time we pray, he adds in "Please help the soldiers be well and stay well.  Help them to fight and be safe."  It's really sweet.  So, Michael mentioned something to him the other day about coming up with a care package to send to them.  We hit up our storage closet and found lots of products I had stocked up on, tons of samples I've recently received in the mail and more.  He also spent about an hour writing letters and drawing pictures to send as well.  Sweet boy!  I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of him with the box of stuff, but here's one of him writing/drawing the 'thank you' letters.

- Daily devo and Godly Character Trait: Self-Control.
- Reader Rabbit workbook, sentences (unscrambling words to make a sentence)
- Some more songs (Kum Ba Yah, This Old Man, etc)
- Addition and subtraction problems
- Talked about Scientists: George Washington Carver (mmm, peanut butter!!!)

- Daily devo and Godly Character Trait: Loving
- Reader Rabbit sentences, capitalization.
- More addition and subtraction work from the workbook.
- Read about Jane Goodall, spending her life with the chimps.
- Field trip to the park and Prairie Paws Adoption Center to look at the kitties and doggies.  Haha.  It was such a beautiful day, we had to get outside, and the only thing within walking distance is the park and the PPAC, so it worked.  The kids liked looking at the animals.

- Daily devo and notebook illustration.  He chose to draw a picture representing that "God is always good, never bad."  Usually he doesn't tell me what he's drawing, he just starts so I'm always wondering if he's really going to illustrate the point or just draw something random.  He usually surprises me by being brilliant (though, I don't know why that should surprise me, ha!).  He drew the sun with a rain cloud coming at it, then some grass at the bottom and him hiding under a leaf.  I asked him how that showed that God is good.  He said (and I quote!) "Though we may be sad when it's rainy and not sunny, the plants are happy!"  See?  Brilliant.  
- Godly Character Trait: Humble.  I questioned him on some of the previous ones we've done, and I don't think they're all sinking in... but at least he's practicing his writing and thinking skills, so it's all good.
- Finished up the section on sentences in the Reader Rabbit book, talked about end punctuation.
- Read him a brief article on the Wright Brothers and the first flying machines.
- Talked about my phone number.  It dawned on me that while he has our address down, we've never really gone over my phone number in case of an emergency.  So, we'll continue work on that.  He's got a good memory, so if he TRIES, he'll have it down in no time, I'm sure.


MommyKuehner said...

New follower from Friday Blog Hop. We are homeschoolers too. Looks like a busy week:) Fun too...love visiting the humane society and pet adoption places. Fun to be around animals.

Come visit our mayheim sometime. www.krazykuehnerdays.com

Have a great week

Crisc said...

Great week!

musicalmary said...

Hi! Here from the weekly wrap-up. I am new to your blog. I am from the Dallas area, too...used to teach school in Irving and still miss TX. Looks like it was a good week!


Jill said...

I always look forward to reading your weekly recaps. :)