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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #15: Bugged

Something That Bugs You

Michael and I got new phones recently.  I like nearly everything about them, except for two things.
1) The speaker is on the bottom, so if you lay your phone down it's hard to hear the ringer.  If it's on a soft surface, like a couch, it's nearly impossible to hear at all.
2) The battery does not last nearly long enough.  I realize this is because it has lots of bells and whistles, including a nice-sized touch screen, and I probably use it more than my previous phones, but still... shouldn't batteries be able to keep up with the technology it's powering?  I used to go nearly a week without having to charge my phone.  With this one, I have to plug it in after a day and a half.  I'm not using it THAT much.  Seems kinda ridiculous.

But really, if this is what I have to complain about in my life... I'm pretty darn blessed, huh?  Yep.

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