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Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge, #18: Afraid

Something You Are Afraid Of.

I know, it's silly to be afraid of something like that.  But I'm both completely terrified and oddly curious about frogs.  They totally give me the creeps, and yet they're fascinating at the same time.  The picture above is one I took when we were out at our friend's ranch last October.  The boys wanted to swim, and this guy was swimming around in the pool - it seemed like he couldn't get out (he was swimming all around the edges but couldn't get up the wall/stairs).  I scooped him out with the skimmer net.  And when I dumped him out, he just stayed there all nite.  I thought I must have killed him or something.  But... he was fine, moved on eventually.  And later, there were half a dozen more swimming in the pool.  I guess he didn't really need rescuing from me!  They must do that alll the time, duh.

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Jill said...

R-r-ribbit! ;)