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Saturday, April 16, 2011

That Can Be My Next Tweet...

Ok, so I was introduced to this hilarious site that takes your past tweets and then 'guesses' what you're gonna tweet next, and some of them are just too stinkin' funny.  Here are a few examples of mine:
  • Just had cable for a monkey! So, now you wake up for DS and having pancakes made him out what your way.
  • Gahhhh, free pancakes made this day thus far: Beef stew in my Gingerbread Latte stock.
  • Boys are Present. I think his statement, saying Well, dang. I get the form of amazing life lessons.
  • Today's Godly Character Trait: respectful. Oh boy, thats a movie Star Trek Nemisis.
  • For the Women's Conference at Dinosaur World Monster! I sent your Breast that continues for some sense. 
  • See, that Callen saw a monkey! So, we have officially had energy left to you guys!
  • Oprah is a cow on twitter, but it couldn't last, but Mommy sure did!
  • Yay for 1 crown & choco chips! = Poor thing.
  • Did ya score anything fancier. Heh. My baby kittens! Now the kid is out of snow, so... 
  • Gahhhh, free trial of next door. Must have been going up in my oven! Just wanted a zip bang boom!
That last one is my favorite so far.  I have a feeling I could do this all day if I was allowed.  I dunno why it's so funny.  Maybe it's because they're all my OWN words, just rearranged in a completely CRAZY order that sometimes makes sense enough to be funny and sometimes actually sounds like my brain and the way it's always jumping from one zany thought to the next.  Hmm...

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