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Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 2011 Tweets to Remember...

Apr 2nd, 8:36am - Callen slept allllll nite. Did you hear me?! CALLEN SLEPT ALL NITE!!!

Apr 2nd, 12:22pm - Baby stuff going up in the attic, toddler stuff coming down. #BitterSweet

Apr  2nd, 9:18pm - Ladies & Gentlemen, we have officially had two actual steps. He's been trying all nite, he's pretty determined! Go Callen! 

Apr 5th, 11:16am - Yesterday Callen saw a real dog & said "Woof woof!" This morning he saw a cow on tv & said "Moo moo!" #ProudMommy

Apr 7th, 2:04pm - I should clean, but I wouldn't want to wake the boys. Yes... that's it, the boys... uh huh. That's why. :::keeps sitting here:::

Apr 8th, 3:01pm - I went to the dollar store & Walmart, came home with crafty stuff. #DangerRunForYourLives But, most importantly, I got GOOGLY EYES!!!

Apr 10th, 7:26pm - Wow. Just wow. http://twitpic.com/4jfuyk

Apr 11th, 8:26am - Child, I like it better when you wake up in zombie mode than when you wake up asking 100 questions at a time. Slow down, mama needs coffee!

Apr 14th, 9:05am - Heard a crash in the living room, asked Preston what he was doing. His answer: "Investigating 'nertia!" Thanks, Sid The Science Kid. 

Apr 14th, 11:15am - So... I have killed my first laminator. That was short-lived. DAAANNNNGGGIIITTTTT!

Apr 17th, 5:41pm - Callen is helping everything fit in the suitcase! Thanks, baby! http://yfrog.com/h0zdrmjvj

Apr 25th, 9:25am - I swat you, evil villian! #fb http://twitpic.com/4pe4rv

Apr 27th, 3pm - Some of my fave fellas! @powerfm #fb http://twitpic.com/4q8uy7

Apr 27th, 7:41pm - 31cent Scoop Nite at BaskinRobbins, couldn't resist. Icing on the Cake and Very Berry Strawberry for me!

Apr 29th, 8:02pm - My Friday Nite = Watching the boys jump/throw themselves down on the couch cushions piled on the floor. #WePartyHard 

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