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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homeschool Recap, Week 31...

Coming off a week full of Eastery fun, and then a week of vacation, I didn't really have any sort of "theme" for this week.  I worked Wed-Fri, so my mom and mother-in-law did school with Preston on those three days.  I'm afraid this recap is lacking in pictures and excitement.

- I had Preston write a few sentences about his vacation.  He wrote: "The Clark and Lilly familyes went on vacation to San Antonio.  We saw Sea World."
- We did a review on his Spanish numbers and body parts (seeing as how we heard so much Spanish on our vacation, I figured it was time to start reviewing the few things we had learned of the language so far).
- Did some pages of the Learn Every Day workbook, just practicing letters, sounds and following directions.
- Started a new Shapes workbook (found at the Dollar Store).  I originally got it for the trip in case we had downtime, but that didn't really happen... we stayed too busy.  I figured it would be good to do this week since he was going to be with his grandmas and the workbook was easy enough to use.  We did squares (tracing the shape, writing the word, finding the hidden ones in a picture).
- Our apple seeds were really sprouting in the plastic bag so I thought we could go ahead and plant them in some dirt.  Found some top soil in the garage (whew, I thought we might have to dig up some of the backyard!) and planted them in a clear plastic peanut butter jar so we should be able to see the roots continue to grow.

- Daily devo
- LED workbook pages, ending rhymes
- Reviewed Spanish colors.  I used the workbook we have and the flashcards we made earlier this year.  For some reason, Preston just could not remember "azul" (blue), even though it's one he learned when he was like 2-yrs-old from watching Dora or Diego.  Oh well, it's a good thing we are reviewing.  I ended up writing the word on his arm so that he couldn't possibly forget it.  Haha!
- Shapes workbook - circle.
- I had him write a few sentences about The Alamo, including what "alamo" means in Spanish (cottonwood trees), who fought at the Battle of The Alamo (Texans and Mexicans), what the famous phrase was ("Remember The Alamo!"), and that it's actually named "Mission de San Antonio" ("The Alamo" is really just a nickname!).

Wednesday-Friday (w/Grandma):
- Daily devo
- LED/RR workbook pages
- Shapes workbook
- Reading/puzzles/etc
- On Friday afternoon, my mom took the boys to our city's Arbor Day celebration.  They found themselves surrounded by bus loads of school kids, but thankfully the teachers and students were extremely accommodating and let my mom and the boys cut in line, and the kids even gave the boys extra prizes.  Haha!  Preston came home with a ton of pencils and a little sapling for us to plant... somewhere!


Our Country Road said...

The Arbor Day celebration sounds like fun!!

A Helicopter Mom said...

You're right about the photos in your header - They're beautiful. You have a lovely family. :) I look forward to reading more from you!

Following you back. Thanks for visiting and following A Helicopter Mom!


SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

I like that you recap your lesson work on your blog. What a great way to keep a running journal for yourself and the state. Great idea! I am going to have to start a homeschool blog when Little Bit and I start :D Thanks for the idea!

Jill said...

Sorry I didn't take any pictures on Wednesday when he was here. He sat at Steve's desk in our bedroom and did some of his work. Then we moved out here to the couch to look at God's World stories and puzzles.