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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not Delivery, It's Just Really Stinkin' Delicious!

Pure yum!
"It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!"  Y'know, I've seen those commercials a thousand times.  Never really thought about it much.  I usually buy off-brand frozen pizzas, or name brand ones that are on the cheaper side.  I tend to burn 'em to a crisp anyway.  This past weekend, I saw that the DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies meals were on sale at Target, and I had a coupon.  Best decision ever!  I heated that pepperoni pizza up, and watched it extra carefully (I'm telling you, I almost ALWAYS burn whatever it is that's in my oven).  While it was cooking, I slapped together a salad and threw a handful of the chopped bell peppers on half of the pizza close to the end.  When I pulled that puppy outta there, it was beautiful.  Perfection!  I made up plates for Preston and myself and popped the cookies into the oven as I sat down.  Preston was all "Where are my cookies?!?!"  He expected us to eat the pizza and cookies at the same time, so I had to explain... uh, those are dessert, dear!  Anyway, the pizza was divine.  I know, I'm talking frozen pizza here, right?  But seriously, it was delicious.  The crust was cooked just right, the cheese was gooey and the pepperonis were crisp, the way I like 'em.  Ya'll... Preston had three pieces!  I pulled the cookies out at just the right moment (again, I tend to burn cookies or undercook them because I'm so scared of burning them!) and the smell filled the room... this lovely Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies fragrance just completely overtook my house.  Preston nearly had a fit, he wanted them so badly... but, of course, we had to wait for them to cool off a bit.  They, just like the pizza, were divine.  It was the perfect combination... someone over at DiGiorno deserves a raise for thinking up this one!

Face of a happy boy!
And, no, I'm not getting paid to write this.  I didn't even receive a free product for it (but DiGiorno, if you're reading this... a couple of free coupons would certainly not go to waste if they happen to show up at my door!).  I just felt the need to tell everyone how great my meal was.  So there!


Genevieve said...

oh my, that looks like a very tempting combination!

visiting from the HHH!

Anonymous said...

and this is why obesity is rampant in america.

the mothers and fathers of todays world do not know how to properly feed their children

cookies and pizza?