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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Summer Getaway Ideas...

Ah, yes, Summer is rapidly approaching.  The warmer weather is setting in, the days are getting longer and the kiddos are itching be done with school for a few months.  For a lot of people, Summer means "Let's pack up the kids and go!"  Because the kids need a little more than TV, video games and Facebook all Summer, right?  You wanna give them exciting, interesting, educational and fun experiences, right?  RIGHT?  Perhaps you need some inspiration on which way to head.  Maybe I can help!

Visit family!  Why not visit your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Joe?  Provided you have relatives who live somewhere outside of your own city limits, AND provided you're on friendly terms with them, call 'em up and say "Hey, we're bringing the kids and the dog... mind if we crash at your place for a week or so?"  Ok, it might not be that easy, but staying with family can be an educational and inexpensive getaway.  C'mon, it's good for the kids all the embarrassing stories about you and your siblings when you were younger!  And not having to rent a hotel saves you money!  I know I enjoyed going to family reunions when I was a kid... you just never knew what you'd learn about your crazy family!

Perhaps you were thinking of something more adventurous.  How about getting back to nature and bonding with your kids over s'mores and ghost stories 'round a campfire?  Looking up at the wide open sky and all those millions of stars you can't see in the Big City.  There's just something about camping out that brings a family closer together.  Make the kids leave the Nintendo DS at home, no iPhones allowed... just the sounds of nature, doing it's thing!  You don't have to go far if you don't want to either, I'm sure you can find a camping area near you.  I have the greatest memories of camping trips with my family in Meridian State Park.  I got to see armadillos up close (and not dead!), and will never forget being afraid of them... until I saw one run right smack into a log. Then I realized that they're not very smart!  Ha!

Not into sleeping on the ground?  That's cool.  There are still lots of ways to enjoy nature and God's great creation.  I would suggest that you grab a map, and figure out which Ocean is closest to you... and head THAT way.  Nobody should ever be denied the chance to look out on the great, big ocean blue!  Now, I've been to the Gulf of Mexico... which kind of counts, but it paled in comparison to standing on the beach in Orlando, Florida gazing upon The Atlantic... or walking along the beach in Los Angeles, California and watching the waves on The Pacific.  But... take which ever large body of water you can... and DIVE IN!  Let the kids build sand castles and enjoy some fresh seafood.

If none of those are floating your boat and you live in the South, my next suggestion is basically...anywhere cooler.  I have lived in Texas my whole life, and Summers... well, they are dang hot!  So, if you are fed up with the heat... travel North.  Try checking out Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, travel up into the U.P of Michigan, check out the vast and beautiful land of Montana.  Heck, why not go all out and cross the border into Canada.  Trust me, do it just for the accents... it'll be worth it.  Uhh, I think you need a passport for that these days, though.  Just saying.  I know that in the middle of July and August, all I want is to be somewhere much, much less hot!

I realize the economy is not exactly in a great place right now, so maybe a "real" vacation is just not on the books this year.  That's ok.  But don't completely rule out some time off and away with the kids.  Stay-cations are all the rage these days anyway!  I have a feeling there are landmarks and neat places all over your area that you've never taken the time to explore.  Go for it!  Go realize how awesome your city or town is!  Teach your kids the history behind where you live... you'll probably learn something too!  I grew up in Fort Worth, but I guarantee there are tons of hot spots I don't even know about... and don't get me started on Dallas!

So, whatever you're in the mood for... go, do, have fun!  You (and the kids!) deserve the break.  Enjoy your Summer!

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MissMOE said...

Great post. It is that time of year to plan some things for the summer.

Tina Peterson said...

What a great post! You write very well. There will be other posts requested like this one - so stay turned for more.

When you get a chance come visit Nebraska through my post at: http://familyliteracyandyou.blogspot.com/2011/05/5-summer-getaways-every-kid-should.html if you'd like to read it =D

BTW - I'm following you too. Tina "The Book Lady"