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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Second Child is Trying to Kill Me...

I just had my second heart attack since Saturday.  I blame my second child.  You know, the one that, on occasion, looks all angelic like this:
But, let me tell you something...he's no perfect angel.  Ok, fine, he's quite adorable, and huggable... and I can't stop kissing his chubby cheeks.  And oh man, just after a bath, I could nearly nibble his ears off.  Wait, no... I'm mad at him... heart attacks, remember?

On Saturday evening Preston and I were watching something on TV, and Callen was puttering around the room and down the hall and back (practicing his walking skills, ya know).  He disappeared for a few minutes around the corner.  I thought he was in the hallway, but he was really in Preston's room (which I hadn't realized was open!).  I suddenly heard a little strange cough noise.  MOMMY ALERT!  I jumped up, ran around the corner and saw Callen in Preston's floor batting at something on the floor.  I snatched him up (he wasn't choking, just looking at me all surprised) and realized what he was playing with on the floor.  MARBLES!  NOOOOO!  Preston got a neat wooden marble game from his grandparents and I had a very serious talk with him about it that same day.  About how he had to keep those marbles up and away from Callen or ELSE!  I straight up told him that if his little brother got ahold of those marbles, he could put them in his mouth, swallow them, choke and die!  I wanted him to know I was serious.  Anyway, back to the scene... I realized he was playing with marbles and at that moment I heard a clicky noise, like marble clinking against a tooth.  I jabbed my fingers into Callen's mouth and swooped out two marbles.  Oh.My.Gosh.  Heart.Attack.  "Preston! How many marbles do you have!??!" I screamed.  Preston came running in, and told me had five.  Three on the floor, two in my hand.  All accounted for!  Now, Callen was fine the entire time.  I'm guessing he nearly swallowed one, made that little cough noise I heard and it came back up and then he just had them in his mouth till I got them out.  But the thought of what COULD have happened, nearly made me pass out.  I sat on the floor, squeezing the baby to me and holding Preston's hand.  And I cried.  Preston was completely freaked out, of course, because he remembers exactly what I told him... and it scared the snot out of him that his brother had nearly choked too.  So, we kinda just sat there in the floor hugging each other and saying "whew" a lot.  Then, Preston got up and said "Can I go back and watch tv now?"  I was still shaking as I picked up the marbles and the game and put it way up... up, up, up where we may never find it again.  At least for now. 

Heart attack number two wasn't nearly as traumatizing, but rather kind of amusing actually.  You know, if having a heart attack is funny to you.  I was checking my email and Callen was playing on his Mater (it's a ride-on, walk-behind toy in the shape of Mater from Cars).  He was right up again the table I have the computer on so he was like 2 inches away from me.  But, he managed to tip himself and Mater over and fall pretty hard against the table.  It scared him so he started screaming.  I reached down and picked him up, consoled him and checked his head for injuries.  "Aww, you're ok, tough guy, you're o...."  That's when I saw it.  It looked like a glob of blood behind his ear.... oh my gosh, cue heart attack!  Luckily it only last half a second because I realized that instead of a big glob of blood... it was a glob of sweet potato from his dinner just a few minutes prior.  Well.... it was kinda dark, ok?  

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Callen does stuff like that just to get me all excited.  He's definitely all boy.  He wants to climb up, stand on, jump off of... EVERYTHING.  He is JUST BARELY walking, can we just get that down first before I have to worry about finding him on top of my bookshelf?  Whew.
See what I mean?  He's totally up to something!


Anonymous said...

Ahh!! Yes, we've all had those moments. Glad he's okay.


Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

What a beautiful face!!

Hi Jade, thank you for following, I'm stopping by to return the follow.

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


David and April Vinson said...

Ahh!!! Mommy nightmare!!! Glad he's ok!! What to do with quick little adventure seekers!!! We'll have calloused knees from all that praying once our boys make it to adults!!! ;)

David and April Vinson said...

PS. What a cutie!!!

Our Country Road said...

Yikes!! I've actually had 2 of my children choke when they were about that age-talk about scary. So glad your little guy is okay!