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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tweets to Remember, May 2011...

May 1st, 8:01pm - Why, no, I didn't know that Casey Kasem was the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo. My bad!

May 2nd, 8:41am - What a morning to actually turn on the news (I don't usually do that). Could have gone w/out the images of the bloody room, thanks.

May 3rd, 9:17am - Drinking coffee, ignoring the sound of Booger#2 playing in the recycle bin (don't worry, only plastic bottles in there). Buy no more toys!

May 3rd, 12:36pm - Hey, it's #NationalTeacherDay, where's my present!?!?

May 4th, 7:40am - Been up for an hour and crying my eyes out watching @nbcparenthood episode from 2 weeks ago! Why do we let TV do this to us?!

May 4th, 9:41pm - My subtotal at Kroger was $52.52, I paid $11 even. All hail #coupons!

May 5th, 7:48pm - J-Lo's pants are on backwards... right? Or she's bringing back parachute pants? #AmericanIdol

May 6th, 10:46am - I was doing a little chant/cheer to encourage P during his schoolwork, he replied "Actually thats really annoying." Dang.

May 11th, 7:46pm - Got our big box 'o' First Grade curriculum from My Father's World today. So exciting! Only 4 more months... Haha. #homeschool

May 11th, 8:17pm - Just saw a loverly rainbow across the sky! Thank you, Jesus! =)

May 12th, 3:43pm - Too many kids! http://twitpic.com/4wrhbr

May 12th, 7:02pm - Preston is telling Callen to cover his mouth when he sneezes, "Don't cover your EYES! Your nose and mouth, baby, c'mon!"

May 12th, 7:55pm - Wondering how long it would take to walk 2.5 miles with a stroller & a 5-yr-old who gets tired of walking after 5mins. #ProbablyNotWorthIt

May 13th, 7:08pm - Ride to the park! http://twitpic.com/4x8g1z

May 14th, 8:24am - It.Is.Gorgeous.Outside.Right.Now!!! :::happy saturday dance:::

May 14th, 1:46pm - Oh man, MY kid is the one that just freaked out & screamed at the cow at Chickfila! My kid?!?!

May 16th, 12:59pm - Is this bad parenting? http://twitpic.com/4yjd07

May 18th, 9:12pm - Had a nice dinner and dessert w/my hubs, minus munchkins!

May 19th, 7:18am - Dear Callen, 6am wake up call seems to be becoming a trend. This is NOT cool with your mother. Now you know. Stop it!

May 20th, 9:07am - Been up since 615, thinking it's about time to actually DO something now. Shower? School? How 'bout we start with breakfast...

May 21st, 2:51pm - Ring bearer! http://twitpic.com/50ph7l

May 22nd, 10:05pm - He has worn these pj pants as a hat and now its a scarf. Fashionista! http://twitpic.com/51cgm7

May 23rd, 4:31pm - Cal-Cal has a fever. He wants to be held, but not. Wants a cracker, but doesn't really. Poor guy. =( 

May 24th, 11:04am - I have a head bangin' baby. And not in the good 'ole rock 'n' roll kind of way, the he really bashes his head on the floor way. =(

May 24th, 9:02pm - The hook they're describing is right in my neighborhood. Stay up in the sky... I"ve already been in a twister this lifetime, thanks!

May 24th, 9:34pm - Been a long time since I've had shaky, on-the-verge-of-hurling kind of nerves about a storm. Used to all the time after Twister 2000. Whew.

May 25th, 2:45pm - Currently investigating The Case of the Missing Laminator. Dun dun dunnnnn.

May 27th - About to finish up our last "subject"... meaning an end to Kindergarten! Oh my word! !

May 27th - And.... we're done with Kindergarten! Wowzers!

May 27th - Callen is brushing his 2 hairs with a shovel and a toothbrush.

May 28th - Feeling very domestic. Just made 's Breakfast Burritos & ' PBCC Oatmeal Bars FOR THE FREEZER. Boom, baby!

May 29th - Callen is still feverish, hitting 102 at times. Glad we don't have anything on the agenda for this weekend.

May 30th - Hello summer!

May 31st - Wish I could read baby minds. C has been crying all nite & morning, can't figure out what's wrong. No more fever, but...???

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