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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

C'mon, ya'll... SKA SKA SKA!

On of my favorite ska bands from back in the good 'ole days (y'know, the 90's) is trying to make a go of it again, attempting to put out a new album on their own instead of going with a label. But, they need our help to do it. Michael and I have pledged our support. Watch this video for more information on how you can be part of The Insyderz's new record!

So, what do you say? You can't say 'no' to ska, can you?  Click here to pledge your support!  If they don't meet their goal, you're not out any money.  Plus, if you DO donate to them, you can get the album and/or a t-shirt... so... win-win! There are only 33 days left till their cut-off date, and they are just over half way there.  Could definitely use your help!

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