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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Weight Shedding Challenge, Post 2 (of 12)

I have joined up with some other ladies at The Homeschool Lounge in this Summer weight-loss challenge. I have found that when I have a specific challenge or a real goal and someone to be accountable to, I can do much better! My goal is to lose around 25 pounds.  The challenge lasts 12 weeks, ending on October 7th.

Week one is over and I apparently lost a pound.  That's awesome!  I have no idea how, because I didn't do anything that would have helped me lose weight this week.  In fact, to be completely honest, I forgot I was even doing this challenge most of the time.  My bad!  I simply continued to eat whatever I wanted, snack wayyyy too much as usual, etc.  So, it was nice to step on the scale yesterday and see that it was one number less than it was last week.  I'll take it!  I don't, however, expect that to happen again.  I'm not that lucky.  I have to gain control over my snacking.  The boys are constantly hungry, constantly clawing at the pantry door... but I need to learn that just because they are having a snack, it doesn't mean I have to have one.  Especially if I'm not hungry!  C'mon, Jade, duhhhhh!

My goal this week is to 1) remember that I'm trying to lose weight and 2) act like it!  But seriously, I think I'll put a note on the pantry door or the Summer Shedding Challenge Icon at least to remind me that I am on a mission!  I need to do some grocery shopping, so hopefully I can keep myself from buying anything that would be too tempting.  And more fruits and veggies!  I know I can do this if I really put my heart into it!

7/15 - 24 pounds to go
7/22 - 23 pounds to go

Initially, I was only going to blog an update once a month, but I think if I commit to blogging it once a week, I'll be more likely to stay on track or at least be more accountable.  Sorry, this series has gone from 4 posts to 12!  Previous Summer Weight Shedding Challenge post can be found here.


KathyMarie said...

Having a support base should help remind you of your mission. I'm in there too, and wanted to come check out your blog. Sometimes, it's just getting past the starting point and staying on track. I'm headed toward a new lifestyle change 'cause I want a lasting effect on my health. Keep it going! I'm rooting for you.


Jill said...

Sometimes you just need to change up your snacks. Today, for example, I had a portion of a cantaloupe with a few halved strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream on top for a snack. And a half of a graham cracker on the side. (If I'd had ice cream or cookies in the house I'd be in trouble!) Maintaining my weight loss pretty well so far. :)

April said...

I could so stand to do this-- and how wonderful to have other homeschooling moms to support you. My favorite "thin" words are: Forget past mistakes, forget failures, forget everything except what you are going to do right now, and do it!

Mrs. Aitch said...

Hey! Neat blog--visiting here during the Hip Homeschool Moms Hop, July 2011. Sounds like I should join that weight-loss challenge. I just noticed (hahaha!! just?) that my shorts are very snuggh! Ugh. Best wishes. I'm going off to play sand volleyball with the peeps from church, then eating chocolate dipped strawberries when we get home after sweating a gallon of sweat!!! Hugs from West Virginia!

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