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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Weight Shedding Challenge, Post 3 (of 12)

I have joined up with some other ladies at The Homeschool Lounge in this Summer weight-loss challenge. I have found that when I have a specific challenge or a real goal and someone to be accountable to, I can do much better! My goal is to lose around 25 pounds.  The challenge lasts 12 weeks, ending on October 7th.

So.... yeah.  I maintained.  Which, is actually a good thing considering this was my week to crave nothing but grease and sweets.  You know what I mean, ladies?  The beginning of the week, I was good, though.  We snacked on apples, celery, Magic Pop (which is basically crunchy air!).  But by the end of the week, I was feeling all... girly... and my husband indulged my pleading for Mexican Food.  Sigh.  Hoping that once this passes, I'll be motivated again.  And maybe even get my but moving a little.  Well, I did run through the house with Callen last nite, chasing the little booger and making him squeal like crazy.  That counts as exercise, right?!?

My goal this week is: GET ACTIVE!!!

7/15 - 24 pounds to go
7/22 - 23 pounds to go
7/29 - 23 pounds to go

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