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Friday, July 1, 2011

Tweets to Remember, June 2011

Jun 2nd - Dear Coffee, please make yourself and bring yourself to me. K, thanks.

Jun 2nd - I just saw this type thing walk/run down my street: WHERE AM I?!?!

Jun 2nd - I wish I was laminating right now.

Jun 4th - Won't be leaving my house this weekend, no sir!

Jun 4th - Was rockin' out to Wee Sing Bible Songs for a while before I realized my kids had left the room... uh... oops.

Jun 5th - What do I do with my head banging baby? When he is mad, he bashes his head on the floor/crib rail. He is all bruised. =(

Jun 7th - I did a terrible job w/the sunscreen today! Ouch!

Jun 7th - Terrified of a wardrobe malfunction that could so easily happen on right now. Eep! Christina, girl, please no!

Jun 8th - Had so much fun w/Callen last nite, he was in such a good mood. Then he slept all nite long! Think he liked being an only child for a while.

Jun 9th - Can't help but giggle when I tell Callen to eat his toast, he lifts his leg and wiggles his toes. Not toes, toast!

Jun 10th - Just had the BEST cup of coffee, using Peppermint Mocha & Andes Creme de Menthe baking chips. Major nomz!

Jun 10th - Dear World, I just thought you should know that I'm totally making Nutella Cookies tonite. Blame !

Jun 11th - Watching the Family Movie Night movie "Field of Vision" on NBC w/the kiddos. Listening for songs from !

Jun 13th - Happy about his free book. From B&N summer reading program.

Jun 14th - Its 100degrees, perfect time for Pumpkin Spice! I miss Fall

Jun 15th - Gonna get gussied up and go out for date night w/hubby tonight. Gussied?

Jun 18th - My awesome hubby just put up a little shelf for me in our corner that ended up being a PERFECT fit for our workboxes! Love!

Jun 19th - We are watching our Cornerstone 2005 video footage, showing Preston that we used to do fun things. Haha!

Jun 20th - Giving my 15mth old a tennis ball was the greatest decision of my life (or... well, one of them). He LOVES it. Bounce, chase, bounce, chase!

Jun 24th - So, Callen has learned how to crawl up on the couch and stand, which means I spend all day trying to stop him.

Jun 24th - The other nite he put a box on his head & walked right into the fridge. It was rather hilarious, actually.

Jun 26th - Fuel City Tacos & visit w/longhorns!

Jun 26th - Yum! (In-N-Out Burger!)

Jun 27th - I spent a good chunk of the day cutting, laminating, cutting again & hole punching. I hope I always enjoy prep this much!

Jun 28th - Prayers please! Our one car stopped working in the middle of hubby's delivery shift, please let it be an easy/inexpensive fix!

Jun 29th - Guess who's gonna be hosting the All Request show this evening on ! Ohhhh, snap! It's me!

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