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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homeschool Swap: July-August '11

The Homeschool Post does a Homeschool Swap every couple of months.  It's a pretty simple idea, send a fellow homeschool mom some goodies, she sends some to you and in the mean time you get to know each a little better, send each other encouraging emails or whatever.  You get paired up based on a survey you fill out, and the peeps over at The Post try to match you up as best they can.  They did a swell job this time around, as my partner Becky and I had a lot in common!  I was excited as I read over her answers and compared them to my own.  Now, there were many differences, as in ... she lives in Canada, I'm in Texas; she has 7 kids, I have 2.  But, the commonalities were great: we're both going to be using MFW curriculum this year with our kids, we both love cows, we both are mainly t-shirt and jeans girls, and we both love Jesus!

I had a blast picking out things for Becky and her crew.  I really hope she likes them!  Here's a picture of what I sent her:
It included: an adorable owl pencil pouch, mini dry-earse makers, notepads, Texas Turtle Coffee, lip balm and some little goodies for her kiddos.

I received my package from Canada and got all giddy just opening it.  Haha.  Ok, well, you know how much I love receiving stuff in the mail already!  Here's what she sent me!
Love all the stamps on there!
Oooh, what's in here?!?

It included: candles, lip balm, candy, gum, hair clips, mini dry-erase markers, Canada napkins and a keychain, notecards and tiny nailfiles.  So fun!!!

Thank you, Becky, for the wonderful goodies!!!  Everything was just perfect.  It's been a pleasure getting to know you, and I can't wait to compare notes on our MFW experiences!!!

Looking forward to the next Homeschool Swap, coming up in September!


Jen said...

how neat! I'll have to see about participating next time around :D I love to get pkgs :D

Jill said...

Oh Canada! Love the maple leaf stuff. :)

Sandpiper said...

Glad you enjoyed it!!