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Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeschool Recap, Sept 16th (Wk 2)

Our first full week was a bit crazy. I had Usborne events on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week, which only disrupted our school a smidge. I am thankful for the flexibility homeschooling provides!  We can school in the morning, or the evening... or a little of both even!  On Monday, I did a story-time/Usborne Book Party with Gorbella's and got to read to the kids some of our fun books.  The kids had a great time helping me out with animals noises and finding the ducks.  Then they spent a good while playing hide and seek in Mochalux Coffee.  If you're in the Arlington area, you should definitely check out the Monday Gorbella's events and the coffee shop as well.  Mmm, Banana Mocha Frozen Coffee - so yummy!

Bible - Worked on memorizing the first and second part of Proverbs 9:10 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."  Read from Adam & Eve to The Tower of Babble in My First Hands-On Bible.  We also created a neat Jewish calendar.

Reading/Writing - Practiced writing letters G through R, and worked on the scroll sheets.  This is NOT Preston's favorite part of the day, but he's been mostly cooperative so far. 

Math - This week's theme was patterns and sequences.  Did several of the sheets from the Math workbook, worked with the Pattern Blocks and the Pattern Animals book, along with making lots of our own patterns out of things around the house.  We also read Bees, Snails & Peacock Tails, a fun book about natural patterns.
Making patterns
Science - The science theme was "Close to the Ground" so we talked about earthworms, snails, ants, mushrooms, moles and more.  Read several books we checked out from the library about these things.  Preston created a cute "Worm Facts" book from here. We set out some bread with honey and watched the ants go after it.  Preston drew some great illustrations of things you find close to the ground, including a worm, a mole and a jack rabbit.
Watching the ants come
Art/Music - We did our evaluation drawings for the Monart lessons, and I'm pretty sure we're both Level 2.  Lol.  We listened to some hymns to get a good idea of what those sound like before we really start our hymn lessons.  We also talked about and listened to some orchestra music that showcased many of the different instruments.

Spanish -Still working on numbers, trying to get those down.  One of the sheets had Preston write his favorite number.  He chose "4" or "cuatro" and drew four adorable monkeys to go along with it!

Books we used this week:

We are using My Father's World First Grade. See our curriculum here.

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Mary said...

Yay! I hope your business events were successful and that you got some great leads :)

Christina said...

Looks like a fun week! Cute pictures!

Monica said...

My girls would love to watch the ants come. I am going to have to use your bread / honey idea! Thanks for sharing and linking up.

Shawon said...

Great week! Thanks for sharing.

Sharla said...

Great idea to put out the bread and honey for the ants. What a good learning experience!

lisaplus6 said...

your week looks wonderful!! the pictures are so sweet!!!

Casey said...

I like your bread and honey idea too. I think I will steal that one when I get to the insects lesson in K!