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Monday, October 24, 2011

Test Drive a Chevy!

I had the awesome privilege of driving a Chevy Traverse for two weeks thanks to the North Texas Chevy Dealers, who allowed a group of DFW Bloggers to have this fun adventure!  We were downright giddy as we picked up our lovely 2012 Chevy Traverse White Diamond Editions, all neatly parked in a row, at the State Fair of Texas.
That one is MINE!
I was especially blessed by this opportunity because we only have one car in our family.  My husband works two jobs and I am usually stuck at home with two kids and no where to go - or at least, no way to get there!  Having this vehicle for two weeks was amazing.  We have been pondering a second vehicle and what type we would want if we were able to purchase one.  Our previous thinking was "mini-van."  Now, I'm not so sure. 

The Traverse is a big vehicle!  It has three rows of seats, and is very spacious - plus, it nicely holds everything I need for my mobile book business!  But, it doesn't handle like a large vehicle.  This baby can do donuts and take u-turns like nobody's business!  It is also easy to park, unlike some other larger vehicles I've driven.  I was able to whip right in to a spot even going the wrong way down the aisle (oops, sorry!).  I felt very safe, sturdy in this car... and it's nice a roomy.  The kids had plenty of foot room in the back, and there are nooks and crannies for EVERYTHING you can even think of needing to store in a vehicle!  
Groceries & jogging stroller!
We made good use of the XM Satellite Radio, the On-Star GPS Driving Directions and the hands-free blue-tooth calling.  It's got some pretty sweet features!  I certainly got spoiled in that two week test period.  I MISS MY TRAVERSE!!!  It was pretty hard to give it back.
Musical education on the go!
If you missed my previous videos, you can view my favorite feature here and how we used the vehicle for homeschool here. It was also really neat to see what fun my fellow bloggers had in their vehicles as well!  You can see some of their entertaining and creative videos here.

The North Texas Chevy Dealers are running a fun promotion right now... if you simply test drive a Traverse now through November 19th, they'll give you a $40 SpaFinder giftcard!  How's that for an incentive?  Check out an awesome new vehicle AND get a pedicure?  Sounds good to me!

Also, follow the fun crew on Facebook, talking about Chevy at http://www.facebook.com/gottalovechevydfw.  Or twitter at @chevydfw, using hashtags #chevyfun or #chevygirls. 

*The Chevy Traverse campaign is being sponsored by the North Texas Chevy dealers. They are letting me test drive a Traverse for two weeks as well as providing me with a gas card and a spa gift card.

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