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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tweets to Remember, September 2011...

Sept 3rd - Wow, nice new bathrooms at Kohls!

Sept 5th - Absolutely perfect temperature outside right now! On the swing with my sick baby enjoying the breeze.

Sept 7th - Just went over what our schedule, rules & expectations will be w/Preston. First Grade starts tomorrow!!!

Sept 8th - About to wake my boy up for his first day of First Grade!

Sept 9th - day #2: 1st set of tears occured 10 minutes into our studies. At least Callen is cooperating today.

Sept 12th - "Warning: Busy week approaching!" Somehow I missed this sign earlier and it just smacked me upside the head! Dannnng.
Sept 14th - Preston re: Def Leppard on : "He's not necessarily my favorite, but I like him. I'd vote for him." LOL!
Sept 15th - Love that I can be gone all day, get home at 4 & still be done w/ & dinner well before 7pm. Enjoying this weather outside!
Sept 18th - Apparently he wanted to wait til he was 18mths to start on a paci! 

Sept 19th - Had the car today & ran about a million errands. Feeling accomplished. Oops, I can't forget to go pick up my husband....right now!!!

Sept 20th - NOTHING in the mailbox? I demand a recount! Hmph.

Sept 22nd - My boys are hooked on Angry Birds (on a borrowed Galaxy).

Sept 23rd - Happy Fall, ya'll! It's here! Officially anyway, we'll see if the weather follows through.

Sept 24th - I just won cupcakes! Best.Day.Ever! =)

Sept 24th - RT : '/] (Apparently Callen tweeted earlier, wonder what this means?!?)

Sept 25th - Nothing like a 3am throw-up call. Callen's 1st ralphing experience marked in the baby book at 18 mths. Preston's was 4 mths I think.

Sept 25th - Good grief, Callen can unlock my phone and make phone calls, send texts and work the calculator like a pro.

Sept 25th - Nothing like going to the park, crashing the stroller & breaking into your own house for a fun evening adventure!

Sept 26th - I gots mad booger snatchin' skillz. It's like wrestling a crocodile trying to clean out a toddlers nose!

Sept 29th - It shall be called The Great Oatmeal Incident of '11 & only spoken of in hushed, reverent tones as not to upset those that lived through it.

Sept 30th - Oh, hey, a 10-day forecast that doesn't go over 90degrees? I'm in!

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