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Monday, October 3, 2011

But it's a Monday...

I stressed all day yesterday, worrying that I wasn't going to meet my Usborne sales goal by 10am this morning.  I prayed for weeks about this.  I REALLY wanted it.  Mostly because I just really wanted to prove that I could do this, and having a specific goal placed in front of me helped me measure my success.  But also because it would help my sponsor to move forward towards her supervisor status, and she helped me out, so I felt like I really owed it to her!  Yesterday afternoon it was looking like it wasn't going to happen... then one order after another came in, and by last nite, I had everything I needed to meet the goal!  God is so good... He knows how to put me in my place.  For sure.  I entered the orders this morning and felt like doing a happy dance!  But, I can't... 'cause I would cry from the pain.

While I was in the shower this morning, shampooing my hair, I tilted my head ever so slightly and a stabbing pain went through my neck!  It wasn't a sudden move or anything, just a little tilt... and it was excruciating!  And now, every time I move my head just a bit or even lean my body a little here or there, my neck hurts so bad I have to keep from crying out.  This same thing happened to me two years ago, and nearly made me pass out from the sudden pain.  I went to CareNow and the Chiropractor and eventually the muscles relaxed, but man... what's the deal?  I was trying to figure out what I did about it the last time, and Michael found these two Xanga posts from that incident (see why I love blogging?  You can totally research your own life!  Lol!)...

Part 1 - Just Your Ordinary Tuesday Evening June 9, 2009

Part 2 - What is it with Tuesdays? June 16, 2009

I guess I'll be going to the Chiropractor again and see if he can fix me up, 'cause I can't function like this.  Callen wants to climb all over me and it just hurts so much.  And just trying to point things out for Preston in his book makes me cringe and whimper.  Yuck.  Doing some more hardcore praying, this time for healing!


Kelli said...

I also sell usborne books!! love those books!! this company rocks on so many levels!! they are such a great company to work for!!

Joanne said...

UGH about the neck pain. I'm guessing it's a muscle spasm... I get them from time to time. Hoping you get some relief from the chiropractor.

And congrats on meeting your goal!