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Friday, November 4, 2011

We were on Fall Break!

I don't have a homeschool recap for this week because we took the week off!  I felt like Preston was getting a bit burnt out and then, of course, I worked Wed-Fri at the radio station's Share-A-Thon.  I only worked about 4 hours each day, but I still didn't want to try to schedule school around that... just seemed like a great time to take a break from our lessons and enjoy the wonderful, Fall air!  It's been cool!  And downright cold a few times, even!  Woooo hoooo!

Monday was Halloween.
My 3 heroes - Snoopy, Mario & a Knight!
Preston was Super Mario and Callen was a knight wielding a sword (watch out - 'cuz... um... he might take a bite out of you next?!).  My in-laws took us to our church's trunk or treat for a little bit, then we went out to dinner to celebrate my Father-In-Law's birthday.  Unfortunately, Michael missed it all because he had to work that evening.

The rest of the week flew by.  The boys got to spend time with my mom while I worked on Wed and Thurs, and was with Michael's mom today as I worked.  They enjoyed that, of course!

Praying that the week off helps Preston to be excited to start schooling again on Monday.  We start doing a little more with the Bible in the next few weeks, so hopefully that helps him get motivated - he loves Bible stories!  Our curriculum also seems to pick up speed as well... it's been kinda slow and too simple for him thus far.  I also pray the downtime helped rest my patience.  I was quite easily provoked the past few weeks, and I have got to rein that in.  But first... let's just enjoy the weekend!

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Susan Evans said...

A break is a good thing, especially when days are overcast and dreary. Hopefully your son will feel refreshed. Cute costumes.