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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

Despite being a drizzly, chilly day, Preston's birthday party went well.  I know he had a blast getting to play with the kids, do puzzles and eat cake!
This year he wanted an "All Disney Characters" party.  Apparently, the only characters that are "in" right now are from Cars, Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  So, that's what we went with.  Plus, I had some leftover Bolt stuff from his 4th birthday!  We "decorated" the living room with most of our Disney movies (my goodness, we have a lot!) and Preston and Callen's Disney "guys."
The two had a lot of fun "quizzing" each other with math problems.  Lol!  They're both homeschooled First Graders.  So funny.
Preston received so many wonderful gifts.  Thank you to everyone who came!

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