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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Broken. And sick.

Not much coming from me this week.  My laptop is broken... the screen just went dark on me, out of nowhere.  After much research and suggestions from friends, we think we have diagnosed the problem.  We are waiting for a part to be delivered that HOPEFULLY fixes it easily enough.  Please pray with us that it IS!

And my whole household has been down with a cold or something.  Hubby had to take two days off of work, kids are snotty and coughing and oh-so-whiny.  I pretty much laid around all day today.  We're gross.  Hoping we're getting all this out of our system this week, and that Christmas will be wonderful!  Here's hoping!

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David and April Vinson said...

You poor things!! We too have the yucky cold funk! We too are praying to be well (and to stay well) for Christmas! I hate colds!!!! (especially for my kids!)