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Friday, December 9, 2011

Homeschool Recap, Dec 9th (Wk 13)...

In my life this week...
I shall be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, so I've spent this week lamenting 31.  Not, really.  I have never felt my age, nor really worried about it.  It is what it is.  Heh.  I had a fun Usborne book party on Tuesday evening.  I actually really enjoy getting together with ladies I don't know (well, I knew the hostess, but that was it) and just taking note of how different personalities and attitudes make this world go round.  You know what I mean?  It takes all kinds, right?  Anyway, we put up Christmas decor this week, so that was nice.  We don't have lights up outside yet, except the nativity and projector, but maybe we'll get around to that this weekend.  It's been coooollllddd, but I think this weekend might be nice.  We'll see.  I've been enjoying the cold out there by drowning myself in hot cocoa.  What?

What's not working for me...
I came home from running some errands, getting a birthday present and birthday lunch with my mom and the boys today to find my laptop sitting there dark.  It's on, and I can barely make out that there is stuff on the screen, but not enough to use it. This scares me... what can you do for a dark screen on a laptop?  Please, don't die, laptop!  Please!  Anyway, because of that issue... I can't get to the pictures I have for this week's homeschool recap.  I take them off my phone and save them to my computer.  And that sucks, 'cause I had some great pictures from stuff we did.  Dang it.  :::insert extremely unhappy face here:::

In our homeschool this week...
Tot School:  Callen was a mess.  As usual.  Love that kid soooo much, but he wears me out.  He and his brother have really started playing well... and not so well together.  I say that because they love doing stuff together, but it always results in a bonked head or someone putting a pillow over someone else's face...  you know how it goes.  That's just how it is with brothers, right?  The good news is that Callen has learned a bunch of new words in just the past week!  He's repeating a lot more things, and it's exciting.  He just hasn't been saying a whole lot till lately, so I'm glad to finally here him using new words!

Bible: Proverbs 13:13, "He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects a command is rewarded." Ouch.  Right?  Yeah, we've been going over this one around here, big time.  It partners perfectly with our Adam & Eve studies the first part of this week too.  We added pieces to our time line, about "The Sad Day" (aka That Darn Snake!) and Cain & Abel.  Preston read and then illustrated each of the stories in his Bible Notebook.

Reading/Writing: Worked on a few different sound blends.  

Math: This week's theme is measurement.  We actually gave Preston a measuring balance for his birthday, because I knew the timing would be just right!  Haha.  He has had all kinds of fun with it, trying to balance out handfuls of goldfish and whatnot.  We also read a great assortment of measuring books.

Science: This week's science them was Solar System and the Planets.  So much fun!  Who doesn't love space stuff?  We read about a million books this week.  Ok, we didn't read all of them, some we kind scanned because I did kinda over-do it at the library on this subject.  But, we found a really fun Disney book called Wonderful World of Space... and Preston loved looking through that book.  A Lot.  And, of course, I already had several Space Usborne books for us to look at as well like First Guide to the Universe, Space and See Inside Space.  I really enjoyed talking to my son about Creation vs. The Big Bang, it was really neat to hear what he thought about it.  Yay, homeschool!

Music/Art:  We continued our hymn work on "O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing" from Charles Wesley.  Learned about conga drums and timpanis.  And looked at a portrait called The Old Stagecoach.  We also both drew a still life picture from our Drawing with Children book.  I wish I could show you.  :::pouty face here::: 

Spanish:  La Ropa!  Clothes words again this week.

Advent/Seasonal activity: Our first full week of doing the Names of Jesus Countdown Chain from Spell Out Loud.  Each day we take off a chain link, learn about that particular name for Jesus, color an ornament from here and put it up on our tree branch.  Preston is also doing the Advent Calendar to Color from Usborne each day as well.  Callen wanted in on the action this time around, and has lovingly scribbled his additions to the Calendar.  But that makes it all the more special.  =)

We are using My Father's World First Grade. See our curriculum here.
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Mary said...

Happy Birthday Jade! Looks like you guys had a good week.

Krystyl said...

found you VIA hop-along-friday
check me out at http://krystylco.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

Jill said...

"It is what it is." Steve's least favorite phrase right now. ;) Thanks for having dinner with us today. Hope your week goes well!