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Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011 Tweets to Remember...

Dec 1st - So, I'm about to kick off the first annual Dec 1st Financial Panic Attack! Anyone with me?! =/
Dec 1st - Noooooo, waited too long to order P's big Christmas gift and they're out. Will not be in till next Spring.
Dec 2nd - I spend a few mins in the kitchen, come out to find this: Callen reading my Bible in just a diaper. Silly bear!
Dec 3rd - The "Look & Say" books REALLY work, 'cuz Callen just looked & said like 6 new words from the Farm one! Hooray, baby! =)
Dec 4th - Happy birthday to my first-born! Preston turns Six! Wowzers!  
Dec 5th - Before noon, I had vacummed twice, swept 3 times. Good grief, haven't even had lunch yet!  
Dec 8th - Playing my own version of Chopped because I am long overdue a trip to the grocery store & I HAVE to be creative... Eep!
Dec 8th - Callen is obsessed with his "Bop!" book (Veggietales w/Bob on the front) so I got out the Nativity set...no Bob included. Drat!
Dec 10th - Spent the first 2 hours of my birthday holding a ladder. Yay 31? 
Dec 11th - I love asking Callen what Santa says. He answers, "Oh Oh Oh!" Heehee.
Dec 14th - Trying to get Callen to sing "we wish you a Merry Christmas" & he puts his finger up to his mouth, tells me "sshh!" Wow, ok.
Dec 18th - Callen fell really hard on his nose last nite, didn't bleed, but swelled. Today it is bruised, but he isn't complaining. ?
Dec 22nd - God has provided for us, and He will continue to provide. His plan is good. (Having to repeat this to myself right now, big time).
Dec 25th - Santa brought Callen a toybox & Preston a kid sized guitar!   
Dec 25th - Merry Christmazzzzzzzz! 
Dec 25th - Santa came & blessed our family above & beyond. I don't know who you are, but thank you! Bless you! Praise God! 

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