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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gorgeous Spring Weather!

Ok, yes, I'm a bit peeved that seemed to have completely skipped Winter this year.  BUT, considering how absolutely beautiful it was yesterday and is today... I find it difficult to complain.  The boys are enjoying playing out in the backyard most of the morning.  That certainly helps me get the little one down for a nap after lunch... he's exhausted from all the running around!  I spent some time out there this morning, sipping on my second cup of coffee and just enjoying the scenery - my boys running around like crazies and the nice breeze, blue sky and green grass.  So beautiful.  

I just feel so thankful to God for allowing His Creation to be so lovely to look at, to take in, to enjoy.  Sure, there is ugliness, hatred, pain in this world... but we can't always focus on that, we'll go insane.  Take the time today to breathe in the fresh air, smile at a yellow dandelion (yes, it's a weed, but enjoy it anyway) and twirl around until you fall down laughing!  God is good, all the time.  Even when you can't feel it.  He is there.  I promise. 

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