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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Tweets to Remember...

Jan 1st - Will prob regret this w/all its little parts, but they love it!

Jan 4th - We're not gonna get things back to normal. It's only gonna get more abnormal, which will soon become the new normal. Right?

Jan 4th - Oh my goodness, big boy bed for Callen! http://twitpic.com/839pmo

Jan 5th - I am about to put the crib back together & give it to Preston... the crying, the whining, the fussing!!! Auugghhhhh! #MommyVent

Jan 6th - I just spent an hour outside, in my driveway, vacuuming books and fake plants. What? What do you do on Friday afternoons?

Jan 8th - Gahhhh, I hate being so needy, dependent on people and having to ask for so many inconvenient favors. =(

Jan 12th - Just heard P explaining,"That's cool! ....OH! Cool means 2 different things, Callen. Cold and AWESOME! Get it, baby?" #BrotherlyLove

Jan 13th - Cleared my RSS feed of 3000+ unread blog posts (since before Christmas) and I am probably not seeing your tweets either. #NotKeepingUp

Jan 15th - "Sometimes that peace comes from knowing that you are NOT in control!" Pastor Reggie

Jan 17th - I have a puking Preston. =( Poor kid, bad fever 2 nights in a row last week, now this? No idea whats up.

Jan 18th - One kid hurling, the other falling out of bed. After a nite like that, glad the roofers next door waited til 8. =/

Jan 19th - My Winter/Let It Snow window clings are melting off of the front door. #NotCoolTexas (literally). Hmph.

Jan 19th - Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, #coffee, coffee. That is all. Carry on.

Jan 20th - Not to be a broken record, but sometimes life does revolve around #coffee. Ok?

Jan 20th - In the middle of a Ghoti Hook dance party, I realized we never finished school today. Picnic, nap, dancing...check. School... nope.

Jan 21st - Sipping pumpkin spice #coffee, letting the boy stay up late so we can all watch Bolt together. Had a great nite with new & old friends!

Jan 26th - The sound of hysterical laughing coming out of a toddler, caused by his big brother? Best.Thing.Ever. :::melt:::

Jan 27th - I know my scale is broken, but it was still nice to stand on it and be at my goal weight after only 3 weeks of WW. Ha!

Jan 29th - Our family just grew by 5! My nieces & nephews have moved in. 

Jan 31st - Both of our alarms are set correctly, his clock & my phone, yet neither went off! How does that happen? =(

Jan 31st - Just caught my not-yet-2-year-old attempting to make with my Senseo machine! Oh dear, he's starting awfully early!

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