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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In just a little under two hours, my not-yet-2-year-old racked up quite a list of achievements...
  •  Pushing a chair over to the homeschool supplies drawer where he dumped out the pencil sharpener shavings and pulled all the tape out of the dispenser.
  •  Poured a large bowl of popcorn all over the living room floor and ground most of it into the rug.
  •  Climbed up on his changing table, stood up, ripped the "autographed" photo of Stitch from the wall and into pieces.
  • Moved the rocking chair away from the closet door, opened the closet door and drug out old clothes all over his room.
  • Smacked his brother in the face because "Bubba" was trying to keep him from getting in trouble.
  • Pushed a chair from the table to the kitchen cabinet and proceeded to put a (breakable, eek!) coffee cup under the Senseo machine spout and was about to fire that puppy up.
In between each one of these incidents, I scooped him up, gave him a talking to or smack on the hand/bum, set him right, and cleaned things up. I only left him for about 5 minutes at a time while I was trying to make business calls.

I love that he is such a go-getter, and is incredibly smart... but my gosh, he wears me out!

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Laura Prascher said...

Ha ha ha!! This sounds like my house! When we first moved in, Charlotte would rotate between getting into the pantry, getting into the bathroom cabinets, and then she poured shampoo all over the carpet and herself. Don't you love it when they think we need more to do? ;P