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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Down with the sickness...

Everyone in the house has been sick.  Not. Cool.

It started with Preston and Callen two weeks ago having fevers and coughing and way too much snot.  Took them to the pediatrician, and they got two different diagnoses.  Callen's was an ear infection; Preston's... his usual allergies.  Hmm, ok.

Fast forward a week, Callen finishes up his antibiotic and comes down with another fever.  Preston is doing fine.  Back to the pedi, Callen has an ongoing ear infection... prescribed a stronger antibiotic.

And the next week?  I am suddenly stricken with a ridiculously painful migraine that has me in bed all day... well, between ralphing every thing that dare enter my body.  I couldn't keep any medicine down... nothing.  I go to the doctor and she treats me for migraine and thankfully I started feeling better right away... but I lost two days of my life somewhere.  And somewhere in there Preston had more fever, says his throat hurts and he wants to throw up...so he goes to the doctor the next day.  There's a spot on his throat, thankfully NOT strep, just a virus that will go away.  The pediatrician literally prescribed ice cream.  Ok.

And through all this, Michael is dealing with general not feeling well and tinnitus in his ear.  He goes to the doctor and gets meds for that.

Good grief, I think we're all on the mend at this point.  But I'm really tired of paying doctor visit co-pays.

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